Government clears new aviation policy

The National Aviation Policy contains measures to boost the country’s aviation sector and increase connectivity.

The government cleared the National Aviation Policy to boost the country’s under aviation sector and provide connectivity across many towns.

The details of the New Aviation Policy are yet to be unveiled, however.

Some of the measures according to news reports notes that the 5/20 rule that required airlines to have been in operation for at least five years and have 20 carriers before flying international has been tweaked. Now, airlines need to just have twenty aircrafts for them to be able to ply on international routes.

The government is also said to have capped airfares in short routes of less than one hour duration to Rs 2500 and under 30 minutes to Rs 1200 for routes under the regional connectivity scheme. The aim is to improve regional connectivity between smaller towns, essentially Tier II and Tier III cities.

The aviation policy is also said to have taken steps to boost the aircraft maintenance and repair sector.

Source: Agencies

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