Govt plans to make 5.58 lakh ration shops Aadhaar-enabled by June

All ration cards in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan have already been linked to Aadhar.

Close on the heels of Food Ministry making Aadhaar mandatory for food subsidies beginning from February 8 and asking those not enrolled yet to do so, the government has decided to link all ration shops under the public distribution system with Aadhaar by June 30.

Individuals, however, have the option to stay out if they wish so as the government doesn’t want to force people to join the platform.

PTI quoted Electronics and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad as saying: "We will make all 5.58 lakh ration shops Aadhar-enabled by June 30. We are in discussion with Food and Consumer Affairs Ministry for this. Our IT department will work with food and supply department to enable this. We will also request states to come on Aadhaar ecosystem."

Prasad also shared that his Ministry was working with the Food and Consumer Affairs Ministry to realise the goal. The government will also soon introduce 20 lakh Aadhaar-enabled point of sales (PoS) machines for delivery of rations, he added.

All ration shops in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan have already been made Aadhaar-enabled, according to the minister. “In Gujarat, even payment in ration shops is being made using thumb impression linked to Aadhaar,” he said.

Source: PTI

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