Samsung T5 External SSD

V-NAND on the go

THERE’S ALWAYS THE need for more data storage, no matter what the situation is. Before smartphone storage hit 32/64 GB, most of us still carried around a separate thumb drive, and if we wanted more space, then we’d carry an external drive.
However, those bulky things hardly fit in your pocket so you’d have to spend more money to get the more expensive thumb drives. External SSDs are perfect for such scenarios since you get a lot of storage in a small form factor. And given that this is an SSD, you can have the added benefit of really fast speeds.
CAPACITY: 500 GB; NAND TYPE: V-NAND; RATED SPEEDS: ~540 MB/s; INTERFACE: USB 3.1 Gen2; WEIGHT: 51 grams; DIMENSIONS (LXWXD): 74 x 57.3 x 10.5 mm; WARRANTY: 3 years
Price: Rs 13,664
The Samung T5 external SSD comes in a really swanky form factor. With speeds like this provides, you can even run an OS off the Samsung T5. In order to get these speeds, you will need a USB 3.1 Gen 2 port on whatever you want to connect this to. For about 13.5K, a 500 GB Samsung T5 is just about the same as most internal SSDs, so in a way you can say that you’re getting the portability thrown in for free, with the added benefit of great performance. Overall, this is a great option to satisfy your external SSD needs.
Cooler Master MasterSet MS120
The MasterSet MS120 mouse surprisingly achieved a high sensor performance considering the A3050 sensor. The performance is persistent at all the CPI levels on the mouse except at 3,500 where it loses tracking at speeds above 1.8 m/s. Apart from performance, it’s a barebones right-handed mouse with average build quality and a protrusion for your ring and little finger on the right side. Cooler Master upgraded their older 2016 mechanical design. A good buy if you want an upgrade.
JBL Flip 4
The JBL Flip 4 houses a new pair of drivers, and as far as memory helps, it does seem to sound better than the older Flip 3. The primary two elements for the Flip 4 sounds better, has improved bass output, and louder overall sound. That said, the lows do sound quite taut and cohesive, in tune with the rest of the frequency range reproduction.
The mids are clean and very well emphasised, and there is a characteristic sweetness that makes the JBL Flip 4 really enjoyable. The highs, too, retain the sweetness, and sound. They do not sound piercing or shrill, which makes fine hi-hat rolls bearable. The JBL Flip 4 is larger than the Flip 3, and at 515 grams, there is a nice heft to the speaker. The JBL Flip 4 looks really premium.


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