"Every moment is a high"

Sanjay Agarwal, CFO, Tata Communications Payment Solutions Ltd speaks his heart out on his personal life, his eureka moment and why he loves finance, among other things.

Philosophy: Working hard is the only key to success.
Political views: Support the honest who do common good for country rather basing same on our individual gains. Current establishment is doing very good.
Vision for self: Contribute towards a stronger and more resilient economy.
First job: Tata Steel
Why I love finance: Finance is all encompassing, the last gate for taking business decisions but needs to be business interwined
One career high: Every moment is a high
My strongest skill in finance: Collaboration, business understanding and making functional owners understand finance which drive key decisions
The most rewarding project/moment of my profession: Each time I have been blessed to turnaround businesses more rapidly, that is the biggest reward
If I were to redo a project: Will be more empathetic
The legacy I would like to leave behind: Be remembered as a person who contributed towards a stronger country/companies for whichever companies I have worked for
One unforgettable lesson I learnt: Be persistent, never give up for there is always a success door waiting to be opened.
My eureka moment/epiphany (life-defining change): Getting admission into St Xavier's College, Kolkata
I as a mentor and mentee: Tough mentor and task master, obedient mentee
The most memorable character in my story: Krishna from Mahabharata – you have to be truthful, ultimate goal has to be good for all but you need to be tactical to achieve them.
If I were to write a book it would be about: Peak Performance – Turning Performers into Extraordinary Performers.
When not playing numbers: Reading Books, playing squash and tennis
How I de-stress: Listen to Bhagwat Katha 
What gives me hope for the future: We always have the opportunity to WAKE UP and RISE and GIVE OUR BEST.
India of my dreams: India of my dreams is an economic superpower, with very low rate of unemployment, where people are educated 100%, there is sanitation and housing for all Indians .. this will bring about quality of life as well as happier individuals

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