Be a catalyst for others to achieve their best. You win automatically!: KV Ganesh

KV Ganesh, President - Finance & CFO of TVS Srichakra Ltd shares his thought on the intricacies of life and how he maintains the work-life balance.

Philosophy: Be simple and cheerful!
Political views: Do the best in your tenure irrespective of getting elected or not
Vision for self: Dream of the most difficult and work towards achievement of the same
First job: Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT), New Delhi
Why I love finance: Finance is about numbers, as numbers make profits and profit is the core of the business. We love business and so we love finance!
One career high: Playing the role of CFO for the entire global operations in HP shared services in the US
My strongest skill in finance: Always looking beyond the numbers to get a business perspective as to where we are headed
The most rewarding project/moment of my profession: Turning around my previous company Subex Ltd from a sick company into a highly profitable venture
If I were to redo a project: Subex should not have used the FCCB root for funding investments. This is something most avoidable as it is fraught with business uncertainties
One big mistake/failure I turned into an opportunity: In HSBC we initially ignored the VAT impact on invoices generated from India while drafting the business plan. Later set up a branch at London to remediate the same
The legacy I would like to leave behind: Being highly charged up and yet be a humble person is something I would like people to emulate
One unforgettable lesson I learnt: Never do investments without a deep grinded knowledge
India of my dreams: A young India where everybody has a good job and all of them are honest and professional like in their attitude
Lesser known fact: Enjoy singing with karaoke
My eureka moment/epiphany: When I got married!
I as a mentor and mentee: I mentor quite a few budding professionals though have to honestly accept that with spouse one can only be a mentee
One shocking discovery about me: I can actually go and deliver lectures in public (realised very late in my career!)
The most memorable characters in my story (family, mentors, colleagues): Greatest influence has been my boss at HSBC (Colin Lloyd) who was a humanist beyond imagination, yet he could control the entire operations with greatest finesse and maturity
If I were to write a book it would be about: The art of achieving work-life balance and yet be the best in the professional pursuits
The leader I would love to be: Be a catalyst for others to achieve their best. Automatically you win!
When not playing numbers: Lots of hobbies, be it be music, sports, reading and learning the true aspects of life
How I de–stress: I try not be get stressed and maintain equanimity. In the rare instance, if I am stressed I would love to get back to one of the above hobbies, which would help me gather composure.
What gives me hope for the future: Positive thinking. I believe that where we feel something is achievable, more often than not we achieve it.
One technology that simplified my work: Smartphone
One technology implementation that I led: SAP development at Subex ltd
One technology/gadget that is my lifeline: Smartphone (once again!)
One app that I can’t do without: OLA, UBER, especially, while at Bangalore. (one can not imagine driving there!)

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