"Taking 'ownership' of the role is the only way to succeed"

Sandeep Batra, Chief Financial Officer, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited speaks about himself, his family, how he unwinds himself after work and what scares him, among other things, in a chit chat with CFO India.

Philosophy: You Only Live Once “YOLO”
Political views: Sorry, but I am out of my depth in politics
Vision for self: Be remembered for creating tomorrow’s leaders
First job: ICI India Limited 
Why I love finance: Every Debit has an equal Credit!
One career high: Getting a business role in ICI at 34 years!
My strongest skill in finance: Still figuring it out!
The most rewarding project/moment of my profession: Getting Crompton Listed on BSE/NSE
If I were to redo a project: Touchwood! no project would qualify for a makeover!
One big mistake/failure I turned into an opportunity: Barely passing in Math in Class 8, which meant that the only elective I could take was Accountancy – and the rest is History!
The legacy I would like to leave behind: Being remembered for what I delivered!
One unforgettable lesson I learnt: Taking 'ownership' of the role is the only way to succeed
India of my dreams: Literate India
Lesser Known fact: Am scared of heights!
My eureka moment/epiphany (life-defining change): Passing the CA exams!
I as a mentor and mentee: Patient as a mentor and obedient as a mentee
One shocking discovery about me: Still waiting to discover!
The most memorable characters in my story: First boss –  Mr. C S Jacob; longest serving boss – Mr. Rajiv Jain; functional guru – Mr. Rajaram and the pillar of my life – my wife Jyotika.
If I were to write a book it would be about: How to identify and groom talent
The leader I would love to be/the role I would love to play: Mahatma Gandhi
When not playing numbers: Will like to play Golf
How I de-stress: Be with family and friends
What gives me hope for the future: The youth of India

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