"I always want my people to have a place of work that keeps them happy and cheerful"

Santosh Rangnekar, CFO, BCCI shares his thoughts on his likes and dislikes, what keeps him motivated and why technology is so close to him.

Philosophy: Live and let live, as I am a social and fun loving person

Political views: Nothing

Vision for self: Fulfill my dreams

First job: M/s AF Ferguson & Co. (India)


Why I love finance: Finance is the life blood of any organisation

One career high: Enron Oil & Gas India Limited

My strongest skill in finance: To maintain the blood flow (i.e. finance) healthy, continuous and strong

The most rewarding project/moment of my profession: To keep all my stakeholders happy is my motivation and reward

If I were to redo a project: Relive my college life

One big mistake/failure I turned into an opportunity: My failure to restrict myself to one area gave me opportunity to learn everything of my profession

The legacy I would like to leave behind: Always work with ethics, integrity and dignity of oneself and the organisation

One unforgettable lesson I learnt: Never rely on anyone


India of my dreams: Best place to live

Lesser known fact: Enjoy traveling and visiting new places

My eureka moment/ epiphany (life-defining change): When I became father

I as a mentor and mentee: As a "mentor", I always want my people to have a place of work that keeps them happy and cheerful; and as "mentee", I love to work in place that keeps me versatile and occupied

One shocking discovery about me: I also love the dance floor

The most memorable characters in my story (family, mentors, colleagues): My parents

If I were to write a book it would be about: Live and let live happily 

The leader I would love to be/the role I would love to play: Knowledge-sharer

When not playing numbers (hobbies): Traveling

How I de-stress: Spending time with family and friends 

What gives me hope for the future: New challenges

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