Burger King India gets Rs. 45 crore capital infusion from Everstone

Everstone Group, the master franchise owner of Burger King in India, has infused Rs. 45 crore and a loan facility of Rs. 150 crore into the American fast food chain. Mohit Yadav, Founder of business intelligence platform Veratech Intelligence, said, “The deficit in current paid up of Rs. 366.48 crore and authorised capital of Rs. 405 crore leads to the inference that there could be another round of capital infusion from Everstone in the near future.” He further said, “The line of credit of up to Rs 150 crore, which Burger King can borrow in 12 months, demonstrates Everstone’s confidence in its Indian business to generate considerable cash flow in coming years for timely service of the debt.” The money would go into opening new stores, refurbishing existing ones and transaction-related expenses, according to the firm’s latest regulatory disclosures. Burger King India, which runs more than 214 outlets across the country, has no borrowings as of now. 

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