Connected and vulnerable

As more and more of our lives go online, our sense of safety and security in the digital world too is poised to change.

Human beings by nature are attuned to sensing physical danger. The lifestyle of our prehistoric ancestors ensured that our involuntary fight or flight mode gets activated whenever we sense a threat to our lives. The same attitude permeates the life and style of corporations. Physical security guards, cameras, locks and keys are investments that are never thought of much. They protect what is valuable.

As more and more of our lives go online, our sense of safety and security in the digital world too is poised to change. The realisation of how much under threat are we is still absent in the vast populations of the networked enterprises of today. The extent of the threat as well as its insidious nature is only slowly getting attention at the board and CXO level in most companies. Do CFOs need to care? Yes, absolutely. Cyber threats are a big risk on the landscape. And they can threaten the very foundation of today’s wired businesses.

If you thought Indian companies are immune then that is a mistake. Indian companies are coming under attack. One of the recent anecdotes at a conference on web security was about how Indian banks have received ransom threats for Bitcoin payments. Sounds fantastic? Not really. Just ask around in the CSO community and perhaps you will unearth a monster. Our cover story this June looks at a few of these trends and how organisations are coping.

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