About CFO India

Who we are and what we do!


CFO India is India's largest and most-read B2B magazine aimed at the increasingly influencial CFO community. A part of 9.9 Media, CFO India is a monthly print magazine that brings you a boquet of well-researched articles, case studies, opinion pieces and interviews from some of the world's most respected financial publications as well as those written by our own team of senior editors apart from of course those penned by CFOs and other domain experts. The website gives you several value adds such as exclusive CFO Blogs, videos, insightful surveys and polls.

The CFO Institute is a centre of excellence established to offer:

  • Continued learning: develop the next generation of leaders
  • Peer networks: belong to a like minded professional community
  • Interactive platforms: to provoke new thought, debate and discuss
  • Opportunities to share best practices: harness the power of ‘collective wisdom’

CFO India runs three marquee events: the Annual CFO Leadership Conclave, the CFO100 Programme, and the CFONEXT100 Programme.

Annual CFO Leadership Conclave
The Annual CFO Leadership Conclave is an initiative to bring together the senior finance leadership representing the most influential companies in India at an off-site location each year for 3 days. This platform actively seeks to engage these change agents to discuss pertinent issues, share best practices and collectively drive the trade and business in India towards growth.

CFO100 Programme
Launched in 2010, CFO100 is an annual initiative that identifies and brings together 100 CFOs, who are clearly a cut above the others, to honour their achievements in areas including cost management, raising capital, green initiatives, risk management, governance and strategy.

CFONEXT100 Programme
CFONext100, launched in 2012, is a unique initiative to identify and award 100 stars of the finance community – i.e. finance professionals who are high performers with the potential to become one of India's leading CFOs in the coming years.




Founded by five highly regarded, senior media professionals, Pramath Raj Sinha, Vikas Gupta, Anuradha Das Mathur, Kanak Ghosh and Asheesh Gupta, 9.9 Media has interests across niche communities, content and distribution, print and digital media, and filmed content.

Our ‘community-focused’ institutes offer research and research-led corporate initiatives. We recognise the compelling need to provide senior executives with high quality, objective, business and best practices research; and create platforms to engage meaningfully. Our services are carefully crafted to facilitate the sharing of experiences and problem-solving by leveraging the powers of 'collective wisdom'.

Our distinctiveness lies in our first-of-a-kind integrated approach to servicing discerning communities. Our professional relationships and high quality content complement each other seamlessly.

We believe there is an opportunity to shape the Indian media and entertainment industry because Indian media industry is at its infancy and both traditional and new media present huge opportunities where new advertisers will drive growth, demanding new products and formats. In this scenario, targeting and niche magazines and communities have huge opportunity for growth.

Our vision is to become one of India’s most respected media companies, generating substantial shareholder value while producing the best leaders in the industry.

For additional details, please visit our website at www.9dot9.in.