• November 11, 2022

Two-thirds of Indian knowledge workers likely to switch jobs next year: Study

Two-thirds of Indian knowledge workers likely to switch jobs next year: Study

Two-thirds of Indian knowledge workers intend to switch jobs due to burnout & leaader disconnect, reveals Slack survey.

Around two-thirds of knowledge workers in India are likely to switch jobs next year for reasons that include burnout and disconnection with senior leaders, a survey report said on Wednesday.

At least 54 per cent of India’s knowledge workers–professionals who use their analytical and theoretical skills to develop services or products–felt burned out in the past year, according to the survey by software firm Slack Technology.

The situation is worse in organisations with up to 199 employees. In such places 59 per cent of knowledge workers have felt overwhelmed, compared to 48 per cent in organisations with more than 1,500 employees.

Slack surveyed 2,000 Indian knowledge workers employed by companies with more than 100 employees. The report said Indian desk-based workers expect better communication from their leaders and are likely to look for another job if they don’t get it. As many as 71 per cent of young workers were about to change their jobs.

Around 84 per cent of Indian workers who said their leaders communicated poorly were considering switching their job. As many as 5 per cent admitted to ‘quiet quitting’, fulfilling the requirements of their job but not going above and beyond.

Survey respondents also identified teamwork and collaboration as key to driving organisational success, over financial success, with transparent and trustworthy leadership, flexible work, and employee well-being essential ingredients.

More than three-quarters of Indian knowledge workers want to be trusted to do their job regardless of location or the hours worked. A very high proportion of Indian knowledge workers (81%) also say they want more meaning from their job, or to feel like they’re having an impact.

Respondents from the technology sector gave the highest scores to their managers for being competent and communicating well. Subsequently, close to three-quarters of workers (72 per cent) in the sector say they are happy to go “above and beyond” for their employer, a bigger proportion than any other industry. As many as 69 per cent of retail workers say they’re likely to be looking for a new job next year, putting them among India’s most likely new job hunters in 2023.

Civil servants and government workers in India also felt burnt out in the past year, with 58 per cent saying they felt overloaded. As a result, 13 per cent of government workers said they have ‘quiet quit’ in the same period – a rate double that of most other sectors in India.

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